Food and Drink

Children are provided with meals, snacks and drinks that are healthy, balanced and nutritious.

Evergreen Early Years obtain information about any special dietary requirements, preferences and food allergies that the child has, and any special health requirements. This will be done prior to your child starting with us.

Fresh water and milk are accessible at all times. All the team hold a Level 2 in Food Hygiene

Nursery extras - Daily Learning Routine

Physical Development

Physical Development is promoted in all area’s of our provision. In addition to this we have structured physical education and swimming lessons. Throughout the year, we have workshops from various outside agencies.

Nursing Home for the Elderly

Preschool children regularly visit the local Nursing home. The children take part in a variety of activities with the residents and really enjoy attending. These visits enhance the children’s social skills and help them to adapt to different environments. The children also learn respect and compassion which are an essential part of British Values.

Nursery extras

Environmental Walks

All the children are given the opportunity to explore the local area. Environmental walks are carried out regularly, with different opportunities to learn new and exciting things.