To ensure your children feel happy and safe at Evergreen Early Years, we have a clear settling in procedure.  Every child is offered three free settling in session over a period of a week, prior to their starting date. On their first settling in session, parents are asked to stay to complete paperwork about their child.


Parents can purchase a school uniform from Tesco School website. This is an optionally choice and you do not have to send your child in wearing a uniform.

The nursery provides protective clothing for the children when they play with messy activities.  The nursery encourages children to gain the skills which help them to be independent and look after themselves. These include taking themselves to the toilet and taking off – and putting on – outdoor clothes. Clothing which is easy for them to manage will help them to do this.

It is imperative that all nursery children bring some spare clothes i.e. underwear, socks, shorts, pants, t-shirts – all clearly named.  Please also send extra whilst your child is toilet training.

Whilst every effort is made to recover any missing items of clothing, the nursery cannot be responsible for lost property and is unable to replace them.

Please ensure your child wears suitable shoes for nursery. No open toe sandals are allowed, for health and safety reasons.

Nursery extras

Things to bring into nursery for your child

  1. Nappies
  2. A change of clothes
  3. Spare knickers/underpants
  4. Comforters (Blankets, teddy etc)
  5. Wellington boots
  6. All in one puddle suit
  7. A sun hat during warm weather.
  8. Your child’s achievements i.e. certificates etc
  9. Change of details, where applicable.

Suitable Outdoor Clothing

  1. All in one puddle suit
  2. Wellington boots
  3. Fleece
  4. Woolly hat
  5. Scarf
  6. Extra pairs of socks
  7. Thermal insulate, waterproof gloves
  8. Sun hat
  9. Change of clothing