Our layout at Evergreen Early Years boasts a large open planned double room, and a two-tiered large outdoor area. We have many different areas of provision. These areas promote children’s independence, as children are free to move around, choose and explore various equipment, toys and resources through their own play.

The areas provide learning opportunities as children can develop their personal and social skills, their language and communication, their small and large physical skills. Children are encouraged to develop their knowledge and understanding through investigation, their creativity and imagination and their early mathematical and literacy skills.

Children learn through a mixture of their own free play and carefully devised activities and enhancements planned by each child’s keyworker. This is following observation and assessment of the children’s needs and interests.

Evergreen Early Years has easy access in and out of the building. There is a ramp which provides easier access for parents with pushchairs. We accommodate for special educational needs.  Staff are highly qualified to support the learning and development of all children.

Evergreen Early Years holds regular events for parents to attend, such as:

  • Themed stay and plays
  • Sports days
  • Graduations
  • Parents meetings
  • Christmas performance
  • Themed parties

Evergreen Early Years is a diverse setting that promotes and celebrates all cultures and religions.

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