It is important that the staff in the nursery or the office staff are notified if your child is to be absent. This can be done by calling in at the nursery or ringing 01772 446236.

If your child is taken ill while at nursery or is involved in an accident which warrants our contacting you, we will telephone you on the contact telephone numbers as indicated on your registration form. It is imperative that these details are kept up to date so please inform the nursery of any changes of address or telephone numbers.

Absence due to Illness

Below is a list of common ailments and the accepted periods of exclusion from the nursery.

For any other diseases or medical conditions, please contact your G.P.

DISEASE Min. Period of exclusion
German Measles 6 days from onset of rash
Impetigo Until lesions are crusted and healed, or 48 hours after commencing antibiotic treatment
Infective Jaundice 7 days from onset of rash
Measles 4 days from onset of rash
Mumps 5 days from onset of swelling
Scabies Until adequate treatment started
Sickness and diarrhoea Children must be 48 hours clear from the last signs of sickness and diarrhoea
Chicken Pox 5 days from onset of rash
Whooping Cough 21 days from onset of cough
Hand, Foot & Mouth Children should be kept away from school/nursery whilst unwell. However, there is no need to keep a child away from school/nursery until the last blister has disappeared providing he/she is otherwise well.
Scarlet fever Child can return 24 hours after commencing appropriate antibiotic treatment
Ringworm Exclusion not usually required
  • Treatment of head lice – children should be treated straight away to prevent further spread of lice.
  • Treatment of conjunctivitis – medical advice must be sought.
  • Treatment of worms – medical advice must be sought.

Illness in Nursery

  • It is the practice of the nursery that when a child becomes unwell he/she should be collected as soon as possible by his/her parent/guardian.
  • Parents must inform nursery if their child has suffered an accident/injury at home. This will enable us to monitor their health and is particularly important if he/she suffers a head injury.
  • Children should not be brought to nursery if they are feeling unwell.
  • Parents must keep us informed/updated of emergency contact numbers.
  • Any child considered unwell at nursery will be sent home immediately.
  • At least one person who has a current paediatric first aid certificate will be on the premises at all times when children are present.
  • There will be at least one person on outings with a current paediatric first aid certificate.
  • A record of accidents and first aid treatment is kept and parents are informed of any accidents or injuries sustained by the child whilst in our care.

(Please see our Health and Safety Policy for further information.)


  • Medicines will not normally be administered unless they have been prescribed for your child by a doctor, dentist, nurse or pharmacist.
  • If the administration of prescription medicines requires technical/medical knowledge then individual training will be provided for the staff from a qualified health professional.
  • Children’s prescribed drugs are stored in their original containers with the child’s name, medication name and dosage clearly marked and dated.
  • All medicines are inaccessible to the children.
  • Parents must give prior written permission for the administration of medication. Medication will not be administered if parents have not given written consent.
  • Parents must inform nursery staff of any change to the prescription or the support required.
  • The administration is recorded accurately, and parents sign the record book to acknowledge the administration of a medicine.

(Please see our Health and Safety Policy for further information.)